Friday, March 26, 2010

How To Have Foreplay

Foreplay is usually disregarded by sexual partners as a lesser precursor to the main attraction: sex. My advice: Don't take that attitude. Foreplay is an extremely underrated and pleasurable part of the ever - encompassing title of "sex." For millions of lovers around the world, foreplay is just as pleasurable and satisfying as the act of intercourse itself. Missing out on foreplay means missing out on a great part of sex!

Foreplay is all about raising a lover's excitement. You want to drive up your lover's excitement and desire level so when its time to get to the "down and dirty....", your lover just won't be able to take it. Alright, so how do we go about foreplay? I mean, what can you do? What kind of foreplay technique would you employ? Don't worry, there is a whole catalog of foreplay techniques that you can use. Here are some of my favorites.
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1. This foreplay technique starts way before the actual act of lovemaking occurs. You wanted to entice your lover into wanting you all day. If you're a guy, you might want to call your lover during the day with romantic messages or caress her in the morning. If you're a gal, you might want to "accidentally" let your lover glimpse some naughty undergarments that you're wearing to work and then make a suggestive comment about things later at night.

2. Another foreplay technique would be shower together. It is a great chance to feel the curves and get to know your lover's body. You can kiss, massage, have sex or maybe even wash each other!

3. A great foreplay technique is the massage. Buy some warm scented oils and massage your lover. Work you way from top to bottom making sure to kiss him/her every so often.

4. Watch some erotica together. You can read some erotic stories or watch some erotic videos.

5. Strip! Stripping is a great foreplay technique. Guys should do it too. It shows that a guy is secure and not afraid of his own body. Be sure to tease and throw your stripped clothes toward your lover. Go slow!
Learn How To Ignite Your Lovemaking at 500 Lovemaking Tips

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