Friday, March 26, 2010

Direct Mail One Way Of Achieving Marketing Advancement

In our present time different types of advertising and promotional materials are being used. The age of info-mercials, MTV and interactive computer services has its own advantages but the use of direct marketing is still considered to be the most efficient way to get up close and personal with your past, present and your future clients. The aims of having a direct marketing like for example direct mail campaign are the cornerstone of reaching out and touching someone and creating a dynamic and persuasive offer. Through mailing services, you bridge the gap between theory and reality.

Here then are some tips to help you create a strong foundation for your next direct mail campaign:

1. Know your objective - even if an active response is not required, be honest and direct about what you are trying to accomplish. When sending a client a request for feedback through mailing services, always remember to be as objective as possible. This will help you troubleshoot weak areas in the business or product.

2. If a reply is desired, pinpoint the exact action you want the reader to take; build your response device first then coordinate the other media around it.

3. Keep your wording clear, concise and user-friendly.

4. Whatever your objective, don't forget to ask for action - whether it is simply to fill out and mail a reply card, or to think positively about your product or service.

When you have decided on what type of campaign you will be doing, take advantage of the features of direct mail that the other media cannot match. Having a direct mail strategy will promote physical presentation and will create a more creative way of communicating with your potential clients. An example is the use of pop-ups, odd shapes and pattern to get the attention of the clients.

It is also been practiced to include actual samples of your product which will attract clients and eventually encourage them to purchase the product. Direct mail services also offer total flexibility in production with no limitation on space or format and use of color.

Direct mail is the most effective medium for conducting test marketing or research on your potential customers. When coordinated with electronic mail or focus groups, direct mail can be a powerful influence on your marketing efforts.

Through the use of action devices, like business reply cards, postage-paid envelopes, order blanks, coupons or surveys, direct mail can stimulate sales, increase your customer base, provide valuable information, generate sales leads and a host of other benefits.

Advertising through direct mail is still the only way to pinpoint and individually reach your market. Make use of its ability to deliver a mass audience message in a way that feels absolutely personal and confidential.

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