Friday, March 26, 2010

How To Ask A Girl Out Without Ever Being Rejected - A Stunning Formula Which Is Proven To Work

You could be planning to ask a girl out on a date, but at the same time also quivering with fear at the thought that she might reject your proposal. In such a situation it pays to take suitable action to eliminate the chance of getting rejected. Read these 3 tips on how to ask a girl out without being rejected and use them to attain success....

Tip No.1 - Set the stage. Even if you are totally besotted by the girl of your dreams, it will not pay to ask her name and then directly ask her out. Instead, set up a firm stage before you pop the question. Use humor and charm to make her comfortable in your presence. Exchange small talk and ideas to find out her likes and dislikes and observe her body language to find out if she would be receptive to the idea of a date.

Tip No.2 - Keep it casual. Do not prepare your question as if you are asking her hand for marriage. Instead keep it casual and try to slide it in your regular conversation so as to catch her off-guard. She will not have much time to refuse your offer and if she is genuinely interested in you then she will have no problem in answering positively. Remain confident and do not indicate that you are nervous since that might just make her edgy and spook her off.

Tip No.3 - Paint her a mental picture. Indicate to the girl as to how you would normally enjoy a date after prying out her likes. If she is into outdoor adventure then promise her a date while trekking on a mountain or if she loves movies then tell her that you have 2 tickets for her favorite movie. Once she understands that you have custom-made a date especially for her, she will be more than happy to say yes.

These 3 tips will prepare you for your date and by studying your girl's tastes before popping the question, you will surely succeed in getting only a positive answer from her.

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